RC linear slider rheostats consist of one or more cylindrical porcelain tubes with an alloy wire resistive winding and by one or more sliding contacts on the winding along the lines of the cylinder, moved by a knob or a worm screw.

These rheostats are simple, sturdy and easy to use and install.

They can be used for an infinite number of applications, especially in laboratories, whenever there is a need for adjustment of voltage or current.

Vast experience has enabled the most opportune choices in terms of the materials used: the cylindrical tube in special porcelain has high mechanical resistance and thermal shock resistance; the resistive alloy used is generally constantan, which has a negligible temperature coefficient; the support plates and perforated protective sheets are fired after painting in a high temperature kiln and thus ensure the colour is long-lasting and unchanged over time.

RC2 and RC3 can be supplied respectively with six or nine output terminals.

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