ITALOHM Srl management, with reference to its business of: MARKETING, DESIGNING AND MANUFACTURING ELECTRICAL RESISTORS, has defined and implemented this “Quality Policy” as a summary of its objectives and strategic targets to guarantee development and expansion of the company, of its human resources and the group overall.

We place the needs and expectations of our external client, but also internal ones, and all relevant parties at the centre of our work.

Our attention is constantly focused on the following aspects:

  • ensuring high quality standards of the products offered to better meet client requirements and be competitive on the market.
  • mitigate the level of risk associated with use of our products within minimum levels and in any case negligible, as required by current regulations

We work according to the guidelines in our Quality System, based on defined objectives, periodically reviewed and according to a methodological approach aimed at continuous improvement of our processes.

The organisational and decision-making process is based on the involvement of staff and our partners, on concrete facts, on an approach aimed at seizing opportunities and identifying and mitigating risks relevant to us.

The direction
M. Lorenzi

certificazione ISO 9001

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