These rheostats consist of a toroid-shaped ring, wound with resistive wire and fixed with vitreous enamel to a disc-shaped ceramic support. The vitreous coating covers the entire toroid, except for a contact track with a slider.

In the TP version, the coating is fixed with ceramic cement.

Maximum temperature: For normal use, you are advised not to exceed 340°C measured in the hottest point.

Temperature coefficient: It is normally less than 70 ppm/°C, it is only higher in very lower values. It is always positive.

Insulation towards ground: The live parts of the rheostat are insulated towards the ground for voltages up to 1000 V.

Ohm values: The rheostats are produced with the ohm values planned in the E12 series or, on request, with any ohm value.

Tapered rheostats: To avoid the use of high power rheostats that take up a lot of space, with winding dimensions in proportion to the highest voltage that passes through the circuit, it is advisable to use rheostats sized with winding wire in variable sections.

The design is developed on an individual basis by our technicians, according to client specifications.

Tolerance: The normal tolerance of the ohm values is -0 +20%.

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